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Serving Young County, TX

There are almost an infinite number of ways to lose the title to your home. Any dishonesty or mistakes on the part of the seller can leave you homeless and stuck with thousands of dollars in debt. With title insurance from Guaranty Abstract Company you don't have to worry about any of that. No matter what happens you'll be protected.

Protect yourself and your home

It's simple to protect yourself and your interests against mistakes and malicious intent. Get the title insurance you need to be able invest with confidence.

Deeds have been successfully challenged by the children or spouse of elderly sellers and reclaimed, even years after the sale. Don't let a misunderstanding ruin you, call today.

Don't let yourself be taken by surprise

Any property owner, buyer or seller should carry title insurance. An insurance policy will guaranty that you are compensated if your title is successfully challenged. Since you'll only be charged a 1 time fee, not a recurring premium, there's no reason to not protect yourself. Your insurance will remain in effect, as long as you or your heir owns the property.

Do I need title insurance?

Call Guaranty Abstract Company today.


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